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2009-06-14 17:16:54 by wut-productions

me and some of my friends have created wut productions a small organization making collabs such as the stupid people (check out that on
zookyman2's profile) and were looking for some new members. if you wish to join, please, comment on this message or pm me and or wut-productions.

Current members
MARIOMASTER123123123: writer
kittensinafryingpan: writer/animator/voices
j-dogg: animator, voice
zookyman2: all of the above at one point or another
ihatesonic1: writer
FlashStorm: animator
AronKong: musician
fourswordsking: writer
Sorrygirl99: animator
maybus2: voice actor


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2009-06-16 13:24:10

I'm gonna be on the stupid people ep. 4 YAAAAAY!!
I'm finally gonna have that flash button.


2009-06-18 15:52:47

sorry man, i cant do that cuz im kinda in some other collab makin group.
(youll never of herd of them ,there kinda new.)

wut-productions responds:

ok that fine


2009-06-28 11:43:07

i wanna join~
i could be an animator....!! :D

wut-productions responds:

yay! ok that would be cool!


2009-07-01 07:07:47

So, us writers write for different an animator of our choice, right?

wut-productions responds:

sure i guess.. just not srry girl right now she's gone for a week


2009-07-02 02:42:42

fourswords write for me ^_^ lol

(Updated ) wut-productions responds:

cool! lol wat about?


2009-07-04 02:29:09

i dont know......


2009-07-04 23:39:56

Alright, FlashStorm. I'll write for ya.


2009-07-09 18:48:31

Can I be in wut productions???